Flight Tracker


Flight Tracker Windows-7 Mobile Only

REAL TIME Flight tracker app allows you to track flight information in real time and then e-mail it to you, your family, or anyone who’s ever apologized for not picking you up from the airport on time. With REAL TIME Flight Tracker, there’s no more guesswork, no more calling the airport, and no more time-consuming website searches as you try to find the right arrival time, terminal or gate.

Primary Features

1. Check the arrival/departure times of your flight up to 3 days in advance

2. Get Gate and terminal information

3. Worldwide coverage of flights.

4. Send email from the app to your friend or yourself with the flight details.

How can I track my flight?

1. You can easily track your flight by using your flight number. 2. Or, if you don’t know your flight number off hand, you can type in arrival and departure airports and airlines to see all arriving flights.

It is REAL TIME DATA from the best SOURCE We receive updates from “FlightStats” which tracks ~100% of all US flights and has the largest international coverage.

So go ahead give it a whirl.